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Hacking: Illegal but ethical??

Preface: This article discusses in brief the techno-legal issues in the activity called ‘hacking’, its treatment in the Information Technology Act 2000 (later amended by the I.T. Amendment Act 2008), the practice and the social acceptability of ethical hackers and the...

Press Appearances

Participated in the Panel Discussion in "Puthiya Thalaimurai TV" on 20 Nov on the issue of arrest of two girls in Mumbai for posting their message in FaceBook expressing displeasure on closure of shops in Mumbai, after the death of Bal Thackerey. It was a live...

RBI’s ill-conceived move

RBI understandably, is seriously mulling over the idea of 'disincentivisation' of use of cheque books. In other words, use of cheques is going to be discouraged and instead use of electronic remittances and use of Internet Banking and other electronic remittances are...

Blocking of Websites and monitoring of SMS

It is time the government did something to enhance the level of information exchange and co-ordination among the various agencies that are involved in information security, cyber crime prevention, investigation and other related areas.  At the apex level at the...

Blocking of pornographic websites

In response to a Public Interest Litigation filed in the Supreme Court of India, the Government recently submitted an affidavit wherein, as reported in the Press on 28 Aug 2014, the government has stated that ‘it is impossible to block the pornographic websites in the...

My article on the HR aspects of Bank Mergers

Of late, we have been reading much about banks consolidation and bank mergers. Which is a debatable point whether consolidation of many banks in a limited number of huge banks win altimetry befit the public or the government. Read more...

Venkatraman Rajendran

Chairman of Digital Security Association of India.
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Book Authored

Authored the book Prevention of “Cyber Crimes and Fraud Management in Banks” published by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, Mumbai, as a course-ware for its Certificate Course. The book is available in all leading book stalls.

I.T. Security

Written the complete courseware (Book) titled “I.T. Security” for Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIBF) for its certificate course on IT Security for Bankers being launched in July 2012. The courseware is in four modules: IT Security Overview, IT Security Controls, IT Security Threats and IS Audit and Regulatory Compliance. It is a priced edition published by IIBF and printed by Taxmann. Please contact IIBF for copies.